We've helped our clients save more than $10,000,000 in the last 30 years!

Why YOU should use Tampa Tax Coach

At Tampa Tax Coach we don't record our client's tax history, we write it. There is a HUGE difference between recording and writing!

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The right questions

Most preparers simply take the information you give them and put the numbers in the right box. We look at your information and then ask probing questions that help us find the missed opportunities that are so often overlooked by most tax preparers.

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Our 30 years experience working with the tax code have given us the ability to know exactly how far we can push to help our clients pay the least amount in taxes that they can legally and ethically expect to pay.

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We got this

We work for you, not the IRS.

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Tampa Tax Coach; CPA, CTC, AICPA - Tampa FL Accounting & Tax Services

One of the easiest ways to increase profits is to reduce the taxes you pay. We are committed to keeping every dollar that is legally and rightfully yours in your pocket, not with the IRS.

Tampa Tax Coach is a Certified Public Accounting firm that has spent the last 30 years helping its small business clients in Tampa Bay and across the nation reduce their tax liability through aggressive tax planning, entity structuring and being their advocate before the IRS when needed. As part of your team, we focus on saving you money so you can focus on making it.

Give us a call at (813) 931-8285 and schedule your free, no obligation 1040 analysis. We'll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands, and then we'll show you how proactive tax planning can rescue those wasted dollars.