Client Sucess Stories

Craig has done my taxes for years. Several years ago I did them myself and was audited. The IRS, claiming I had taken an improper deduction, demanded $8,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties. I took them to US Tax Court. Craig supported me, both in terms of research and representation, and the IRS eventually backed down, agreeing that I owed them nothing. It is not easy to beat the IRS in Tax Court. It would have been impossible without Craig.

Robert Thomas

Thursday: Good morning, Craig. Received the attached in the mail yesterday. Please advise:)
Friday: IRS is wrong, see my letter.
Monday: I never doubted they were wrong I have the world's greatest accountant!!!!

Karin D. Fitzgerald, M.S.

I have had the pleasure to know Craig and have used his financial advice for approximately 23 years. He is more than just a bean counter; he looks at the whole business; including the long and short-term goals, inheritance perspectives and the avenues to get there, he is my go-to guy.

Randy Kleeman

Craig Hawkins is always available and I put a premium on customer service. He is also aggressive enough to protect me from undue tax expense but he is cautious enough to make sure I remain squarely in the bounds of the law. I appreciate that.

Benjamin C. Older, Esquire

Thanks for keeping us out of jail. We don't wear prison colors very well.


Craig Hawkins has handled my personal and corporate taxes for the past 10 years. In addition, he has been a reliable advisor and financial sounding board for all of my financial questions for this same period. He has been very responsive and completely accurate in all the services provided. It is a comfort to know that I have a reliable resource available just a phone call away.

James M. Rossman

Craig is a CPA anomaly; he has a sense of humor and is easy to talk to. Craig elicits your input, probing to determine what your areas of concern are and talks about ways to maximize your savings. I like that Craig knows how far to go in taking deductions and strongly recommends solutions that minimize the notice of the IRS. He is in the top tier of the CPA's I have worked with.

Jim and Judy Allston

In response to a friend's search for a new CPA. Craig Hawkins has been my CPA for 4 years and has saved me a lot of money on taxes and Social Security payments and set up a substantial retirement program.

George Taylor